Kemp Waste Management expands its fleet with a MULTILIFT Ultima 24S

MULTILIFT | 14 february 2023 9:40 AM
Kemp Waste Management in the UK has purchased a MULTILIFT Ultima 24S hooklift with LoadCover to support its regional operation transporting materials and skips to customers in and around the Yorkshire area.

Kemp Waste Management is a family-owned company that has used Hiab vehicles for the last 10 years. The new addition to their fleet includes MaxPerformance™, an optional function of the Performance Package designed to boost performance and efficiency.

Phil Kemp, managing director of Kemp Waste Management, comments: “When it came to updating our hookloaders, Hiab was, and has been for a long time, front of mind. The reliability, ease-of-use and weight capacity make it the natural choice time and time again. The MULTILIFT Ultima 24S surpasses all performance requirements, offering unrivalled power and our team is confident in the product’s safety and performance, something which is priceless to us.”

Dek Butler, MULTILIFT specialist for Hiab UK, adds: “It’s always a pleasure working with Phil and the Kemp Waste Management team. Watching the company grow over the last 10-plus years and being able to support that growth with our equipment has been fantastic. The MULTILIFT range really is next generation in regards to technology. With features such as the Sequence Performance™ technology and FlexControl™ options, ensuring ease, accuracy and efficiency on every job. It’s great to see these features offering real value to companies like Kemp’s Waste Management.”

The Ultima Sequence Performance™ feature enables automatic sequence control via a single lever movement for loading, unloading and tipping, while FlexControl™ offers freedom to customise the controls to specific needs. The control options include the possibility to have outside, in-cab, radio remote controls, or a customised combination.


Hiab is proud to deliver solutions for greater control, safety and productivity in all loading jobs.

Discover MULTILIFT Ultima 24S! This hooklift is part of a wider range of pioneering load handling solutions that offer improved productivity, safety, and performance.

Kemp Waste Management


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