Jacob Pedersen’s new eye-catcher

Hiab stories | 13 august 2020 10:54 AM

An extraordinary, eye-catching build-up has been delivered by SAWO in Køge to haulier Jacob Pedersen in Denmark.

The build-up consists of a HIAB loader crane with a SAWO KM602 650 liter bucket including rotator, a MULTILIFT hooklift and a Nopa trailer. The truck is a R 500 8X2*6 with a CR 20H cab. 

The crane is a HIAB X-HiPro 302 EP-5 mounted behind the cab. It is in the 26 tm class and has a hydraulic range of 15.1 m. HIAB HiPro offers an advanced remote control, with a high flow of oil for fast, accurate and simultaneous movements – plus intelligent features for load stability and extra capacity.

The hooklift is the well-known MULTILIFT XR 22SL.53 from the low-built range to provide a low center of gravity, lower pull-up angles and fantastic stability thanks to the 195 mm low construction height. It can be operated at high-speeds and comes with fast tipping and lowering.

 The truck comes with a 3-axle Nopa trailer with 3-way tipping.

 You can watch a video of the new super truck here: ttps://youtu.be/xR89CK1bNao