HiVision celebrates four years at Åkeri AB Kjell & Aste Larsson, Sweden

Hiab stories | 19 may 2021 13:52 PM

Four years ago, the world’s first HiVision™ crane, LOGLIFT F125Z,  was installed for one of our Swedish forestry crane customers;  Åkeri AB Kjell & Aste Larsson.

Mattias Johansson, the main operator of the crane, comments on how the crane equipped with HiVision has improved their productivity and ensured a safer way of working;

“We have had our HiVision crane for four years now and it has been an incredible journey with this new technology and safer way of working. We were so satisfied with the HiVision technology that we even transferred the crane to a new timber truck we have recently purchased and estimate that this crane will last at least another four to five years.”

Mattias and his team have been using their HiVision crane intensively during two shifts with both himself and his operator colleague Sofie Tjus Ekström, so they have really put the crane and HiVision to the test. Not only have they increased their efficiency, comfort and safety, they have also, unexpectedly, made new contacts from different corners of the world.

Matthias further comments; “To date, we have run the crane for over 4500 hours and have not experienced more downtime than a normal crane and the fact that we use HiVision has opened up contacts all over the world, which has been fun! We have actually been interviewed by journalists as far away as Brazil.”

The Forestry team at Hiab would like to extend a big congratulations and thank you to Mattias, Sofie and Åkeri AB Kjell & Aste Larssonfor using HiVision who have provided us with valuable feedback and input during these past four years. We look forward to cooperating over the next four years and beyond.

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    Mattias Johansson tells us about life with his LOGLIFT 125Z HiVision™ crane