Finland's summer Hook 2021

Hiab stories | 16 september 2021 11:03 AM

Every year Scania Finland builds a “Summer Truck” that tours the country in truck exhibitions during the summer season.

This year the truck, nicknamed “Summer Hook” (#kesäkoukku) is equipped with a MULTILIFT Ultima 24SL.61 featuring the Ultima added performance package. The truck itself is a customised Scania R 660 B8x4*4NB painted in black and white.

The Ultima range is MULTILIFT’S most recent model and is engineered with top of the line innovations that ensure greater control, safety and productivity in any loading duty. It is very quick to operate and with the performance package it comes equipped with Friction Relief, Automatic Sequence Control, Fast Speed, Fast Tipping, Fast Lowering and Safe Speed End of Movement damping (that increases productivity and brings value for the investment).

Hiab’s connected service HiConnect™ is available for connected MULTILIFT Ultima models bringing optimised performance and added safety insights to the range.

A big thank you to Scania’s Daniel Ljungqvist who has been responsible for designing this beautiful truck.

Discover more about the MULTILIFT Ultima performance option package here