Hiab's service excellence is key to US-based ABC Supply

MOFFETT | 6 july 2020 9:45 AM

ABC Supply Co. Inc. in the USA is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing, and one of the largest wholesale distributors of siding, windows, guttering and other exterior building materials in North America. It has 456 branches in 45 states, and operates 1,050 truck mounted forklifts and 550 loader cranes from Hiab on its delivery fleet. 

Hiab supplies 150 truck mounted forklifts to ABC Supply. "Truck mounted forklifts are our number one invoicing delivery tool," said Bob Kislia, Fleet Manager at ABC Supply. "We operate in every major metropolitan area, and our equipment needs to be maintained wherever it is based. Hiab has a large service organisation with both mobile technicians and service workshops, and the service levels that they offer us are critical to our ability to operate." 

ABC has a long history of using PRINCETON truck mounted forklifts. Now, ABC uses a combination of both PRINCETON and MOFFETT, depending on which type of truck their delivery fleet is equipped to carry. Hiab will be supplying 80 MOFFETT M55 and 70 PRINCETON PB50 truck mounted forklifts with this order.  

The truck mounted forklifts are mainly used to deliver roofing shingles. This product is heavy, bulky, and is a cubed, palletised load. The delivery location is usually either a built-up residential area, or a building site, without facilities for unloading. The small, agile trucks, with a lifting capacity of 5500lbs/2.5 tons, all wheel drive, and the ability to drive across rough terrain, make truck mounted forklifts from Hiab ideal for ABC's needs. They can deliver products to the exact place where they are required, eliminating the need to move them again, which saves time and reduces transit damage. "Add to this the fact that using a truck mounted forklift is three times faster than offloading by hand, and less expensive to purchase and maintain than a boom crane, and you can see why we find them ideal for our needs," adds Kislia.

"Hiab takes excellent care of us and works in close partnership with us at a detailed level. That is very important to me," concludes Kislia.

"Our ability to offer efficient service and repair is a key reason why ABC choose Hiab equipment," agrees Jim Chesler, Regional Manager at Hiab. "We deliver maintenance services to them, so that they in turn can deliver excellent service levels to their own customers. We have a good working relationship with ABC, and talk regularly, which enables us to react quickly to their needs, plus take on board suggestions for improvements to how we can work together better."

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