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Want to know what LOGLIFT forestry cranes can give you? We can sum it up in three words that are the core of everything that comes from Hiab: Built to Perform. Yet, LOGLIFT is not just any performance. LOGLIFT is for forest people through and through. At the end of every single day, it comes down to you, the forest and the success you haul out of it. That is what we stand for. In that, we are all forest people. 


Forestry can be a solitary business. Out on your own, you have to depend on your equipment. LOGLIFT cranes are built to last, with tough construction and smart systems that protect their components. Plus, service and maintenance are made easy, with anything requiring attention within convenient reach. Between the robust construction and the high serviceability, they retain their worth and provide a consistently high resale value. 


Together with unmatched reliability and performance, investing in a LOGLIFT crane also brings you the support of the industry’s best service and people. People for whom the highest compliment is to hear forest people say, “they are one of us.” Like our LOGLIFT cranes, our people work harder and go further for you. Parts and assistance are equally accessible, thanks to our swift and comprehensive service network. So even if you work alone, you never have to feel that way. 


The less your crane weighs the more payload on your truck, simple as that. You want the best weight-to-capacity ratio possible, and that is exactly what LOGLIFT cranes give you. Best of all, this is done without sacrificing stability or control. Besides high strength, you get the balance, speed, flexibility and smooth operation to manage the toughest of tasks in a short time and with maximum payload on the go. 


When you work in the forest, you work both with and against Mother Nature. The job has to be done rain or shine, summer or winter, which takes its toll on both you and your equipment. LOGLIFT cranes have been designed to endure any weather conditions, and offer options to adapt your driver environment to your needs. Choose a cabin or top seat — both are designed for the most comfortable, ergonomic and safe work position available on the market. Or you can useselect one of our unique camera-based HiVision™ models, which lets you operate your crane from the cabin using camera-based 3D vision technology with special 3D goggles without leaving the comfort of the truck cabin.


LOGLIFT has a long history of developing and manufacturing cranes specifically designed for moving timber with the highest possible productivity. Built with real customer insight, LOGLIFT cranes are thoroughly tested to withstand the demands of forest work. In just 3-4 weeks at our crane testing centre, we can simulate 10 years of work in any environmental conditions. And everything we do in the lab is confirmed by real-world testing on bumpy forest roads. 

Rest assured, your LOGLIFT crane is as fast and durable as it gets, based on:

  • Construction for speed, safety and durability
  • Design exceeding industry standards
  • Specially developed and well-proven technology
  • Top-quality materials and production processes
  • Extensive testing in both lab and field


Our customers are forest people, just like us. We share their passion for the forest and for over 50 years, we have helped our customers bring timber to paper and saw mills as efficiently and safely as possible. From the beginning, customers have used our equipment, working hard, long hours to make a living in the forest.

LOGLIFT cranes have been around for some time. As a matter of fact, the very first model LOGLIFT crane, then called FISKARS 6000S, went into production in 1966. Our history is deeply tied to the history of forestry workers and the industrialisation of the forestry business that started in the 1950s. Development has always been driven by technical innovations and a never-ending need for increased safety and efficiency, but above all by people with a passion for managing of one of our greatest and most sustainable natural resources of all: the forest.

Together with our customers, we have played a role in shaping the forestry business.

LOGLIFT made for forest people, by forest people.

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