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JONSERED recycling cranes are designed to work fast with a wide variety of heavy and bulky materials and even tolerate downward pressure. Available in a range of lifting capacities, each crane features a sturdy base as well as a simple and intuitive steering system. At its core, a JONSERED is a durable crane, built to perform under high speed, continuous operation.  

You have every opportunity to tailor your JONSERED crane to match your needs. Whether stationary or truck-mounted, with a bucket or a grapple, or using an S-boom or Z-boom, your crane should be optimised to suit the way you work. As sustainability people who understand the demands of today’s recycling industry, we can assist you at every step, from analysing requirements to selecting and supporting your solution.

  • S-boom cranes
    Fast load cycles are especially important in recycling, and that requires having a boom system that endures the strain of repetitive load cycles day in, day out. An S-boom system is customisable for different outreaches depending on your operations. S-boom cranes can be parked stretched out over the load or platform, or over the truck cab.

  • Z-boom cranes
    When a shorter boom is required, Z-boom systems offer excellent capacity and durability. They feature a robust design, well suited for high intensity work. Depending on the crane size, a power link or push up cylinder can be used to optimize the lifting capacity of the crane. A Z-boom crane can be folded and parked across the truck width.


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