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ONSERED forestry cranes are available in various lifting capacities: from 6 tm up to 37 tm. At its core, every JONSERED is a dependable crane, built to perform and to, keep your business running day in and day out. It provides swift but controlled movements and great weight capacity ratio. 

You also have endless possibillities to make a JONSERED crane your own. S-boom or Z-boom, full-length or cut-to-length, high seat, cabin or HiVision™ these are only your first options. From the controls to the grapple, your JONSERED can be adapted to suit the way you work. We can assist you at every step, from analysing requirements to selecting and supporting your solution.

S-boom cranes
S-boom cranes have a straight boom that can be partially folded. During transport, the crane is parked over the load, or occasionally with the second boom folded over the truck cab. S-boom cranes are available in two configurations. The first has a top-mounted cylinder and a D-link on the second boom. The second has a bottom-mounted cylinder on the first boom and no D-link. Both configurations are available with 10.0-26.5 tm capacity.

Z-boom cranes
Z-boom cranes have a foldable inline boom system with two side-mounted cylinders on the second boom. When parked in transport position across the truck width, the folded boom resembles the letter Z. Z-boom cranes available with 6.0-22.5 tm capacity.

Accessories are an effective way to optimise productivity and flexibility. Here are just some of the options you can choose to tailor your crane to your particular needs.

  • Rotators
    Rotators are connected to a grapple by means of a flange attachment in order to, provide the firmest and most direct connection.

  • Timber grapples
    LOGLIFT timber grapples are designed for maximum efficiency and demanding work. There are numerous models available, each suited to a different application.

  • Weighing systems
    Accurate weighing of the timber avoids overloading and simultaneously helps to maximise payload and profitability. A USB stick can be connected to the weighing system, making it simply to offer customers information on weight and pricing. A wireless scale option is also available for faster access to data and increased productivity.

  • High seat weather protection hood
    A hood is mounted on the high seat and locked into position with a belt when not in use.


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