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Operating a loader crane can take years to master. The CTC - Crane Tip Control feature acts like a time machine adding years of experience for a novice operator. Or as Hiab’s Lennart Andersson, Product Manager Control System, puts it: “CTC in three words is Super Easy Control.”

So what is this magic feature? Initially CTC was developed with a customer that had a specific need of making lifting easier. To make this happen Hiab developed a software feature in it’s HiPro control system that simplifies loader crane operation. With the CTC feature the crane operator controls the behaviour of the crane tip instead of each crane function (slewing, first boom, second boom, extensions). In effect the crane is controlled using only three levers - slewing, horizontal movement and vertical movement.

Confusing? Lennart Andersson has a much simpler explanation: “I think you can compare it with a car, having an automatic gearbox instead of a manual gearbox. You do the same job, but it is much simpler.”

Making the control system easier also makes it easier for the operator to focus on the safety and the surrounding.

Watch the CTC video on Youtube


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