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HiVision tickles the public's imagination in Japan Forestry

On 25 - 26 January 2020,Himuka-Ishin – a major forestry machine exhibition was held at Miyazaki City in Miyazaki prefecture for the first time. Hiab Japan had a very successful stand at the exhibition. The forestry market in Miyazaki prefecture is growing every year as with timber transport and export to other countries and wood chips for biomass power generation.

Miyazaki prefecture has the largest timber export volume in Japan and the second largest timber production volume. On the Hiab stand, there were three products on display.

  • LOGLIFT F125Z HiVision™ from ambassadorTadashi Hatakeyama’s Furusato Mokuzai Logistics that own three HiVision cranes
  • LOGLIFT F105Z from Hori Transport a transporter in Miyazaki City
  • And MULTILIFT XR3S installed on a Hiab service car that has a prototype radio control system installed.

Many customers were interested in HiVision. It was also one of the two machines that the Governor of Miyazaki was most interested in and tried for himself at this exhibition.

 “HiVision is not only a safe and comfortable crane, but it also uses advanced VR technology, so it is thought that it can attract the interest of young people. We want to spread this throughout Japan and contribute to the vitalisation of forestry,” said Toshiya Suzuki, Director Hiab Business Japan.


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