HiVision: the future of forestry lifting


A clear view with HiVision

Forestry crane work is often an isolated and rugged business carried out in challenging temperatures and harsh environments. Hiab’s HiVision™ is transforming the working conditions and productivity using virtual reality technology, goggles, external cameras. Precision  and efficient log lifting every time - all from the safety and comfort of the crane cabin.

HiVision technology puts the operator in full control, while also increasing productivity, safety, and cost efficiency. Investing in HiVision takes away the need for the crane cabin on the back of the truck, increasing payload for every job.

Take your timber transportation into the future with the all new HiVision 2.0 which features several imporvments and enable your workforce with game-changing digital solutions that set you apart from the competition.


Invest in a smarter future

HiVision is on course to bring the forestry and timber transportation industry into the next generation. Set your business apart and empower crane operators/drivers with innovative ways of working.


Full vision camera technology

HiVision™ is the first fully digitalised solution that gives a 270 degree view horizontally and 130 degree view vertically using external cameras mounted to the body of the equipment. 


Superior safety inside and out

The virtual reality technology assesses the external working conditions so the operator can stay safely within the truck cabin. Once the ‘target’ has been identified, the system allows the operator to guide the crane using an electronic joystick mounted on each armrest of the truck’s passenger seat. 


Improved productivity and comfort

A challenging, digitalised career in forestry and timber loading is now the reality for today. Operators remain safely in the truck cabin, being able to move the crane around the site quicker without transfers to and from an external secondary cabin. HiVision removes the need for operators to sit for long hours in harsh external conditions, and only requiring the truck cabin reduces overall vehicle weight and increases payload.


Precision control

An electric joystick is mounted on each armrest of the truck’s passenger seat. During operation, signals from the joysticks are sent via the HiVision control system, which in turn controls the crane’s hydraulic valve and several important safety functions. Pinpoint control through the joystick means logs and timber are moved smoothly and quickly on the vehicle for transportation.

For existing or new cranes

Whether you are buying new equipment or have an existing Hiab forestry crane, HiVision is the digital solution that will bring an unrivalled return on investment. A large range of Hiab forestry crane models function with HiVision.

S-boom crane models for HiVision


Z-boom crane models for HiVision


Why choose a Hiab HiVision for your forestry crane?

Customers from all over the world are investing in HiVisionTM. Read how HiVision is bringing value to their business and customers.

Mr. Kinichi Suzuki, President of the America Ya Company, Japan
Investing in HiVision was motivated to improve the comfort and safety of his operators. Working in dangerous situations has been a challenge for the company, but HiVision now keeps his operators safe and comfortable inside the truck cabin.
Mattias Johansson, at Kjell & Aste Åkeri, Sweden
Mattias Johansson from Swedish company Kjell & Aste Åkeri invested in a LOGLIFT 125Z HiVision™ crane for improved safety and comfort in the work environment.
Maik Ungefroren at Maik Ungefroren Transport und Baustoffe, Germany
For Maik Ungefroren from the company Transport und Baustoffe, Germany, investing in a LOGLIFT 118S HiVision™ crane was a step for preparing his company for the future.
Tadashi Hatakeyama, at Furusato Mokuzai Logistics, Japan
Tadashi Hatakeyama from Furusato Mokuzai Logistics, Japan, sees the safe and comfortable work environment as the biggest advantage of HiVision™ is the safe and comfortable work environment. HiVision also helps attract new employees to his company.