Standing still gets you nowhere. With Hiab ProCare, our aim is to keep you moving so you can deliver as promised, every time.

Your customers count on you to deliver when promised, just as their customers count on them, and so on. Our goal is to support you in upholding your promises, day in and day out. So that you are never the weak link in the chain. Hiab ProCare™ keeps you moving forward to help you build a dependable reputation and profits.

Planning always beats panic. Statistics show that a preventive maintenance scheme is almost always more cost-effective than corrective maintenance, from a lifecycle perspective. Because routine service dramatically reduces the risk of costly breakdowns and unexpected downtime. Hiab ProCare™ is your best assurance to produce as planned. 

Freedom from worry and stress? That is truly priceless. Allow us to carry the burden of inspections, routine maintenance, scheduling and more. All you need to do is fuel and operate. Plus, with Hiab ProCare™, you will always know in advance what you will pay for service — even if faced with unexpected repairs. And that is a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep. 

Planned performance is your choice
With the Hiab ProCare™ added-value model, you can choose the level of service agreement you need — starting with inspections and adding additional benefits with each type of service. Whichever level you choose, rest assured your equipment is cared for with the expertise only Hiab can offer.

Explore the Hiab ProCare benefits:
Total R&M 


* Check the availability of service agreements with your local Hiab distributor


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