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Tips for exercising on the road

Work can often be repetitive, which can result in back and shoulder pain. The lower back in particular takes a beating if you spend your day sitting down. Hands and arms are also subject to strain if you are using levers several hours a day. Too much vibration inside the cabin can also be a source of tiredness in muscles and ligaments.

What can you do about it? Here are some useful tips!

1. Take a five-minute break every hour, just to stretch your legs. Take a walk around the machine, and see it as an opportunity to check that all your equipment is in order.

2. Wave your arms slowly every five or ten minutes – it helps loosen up your joints and get synovial fluid flowing.

3. Make sure your seat or chairhas armrests, and check they are in the right position.

4. Sitting on a soft ergonomicpillow can sometimes do miracles. Or put it behind your lower back. Experiment!

5. In your spare time, exercising with a rowing machine is highly recommended. It gives your shoulders, arms and back – in fact your whole body – a real workout.


Source: Henrik Andersson, massage therapist
The article originally appeared on Hiability magazine #1.2016


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