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Hiab announces two new loaders for material handling in the US

Hiab, part of Cargotec, announces two loaders for material handling on the US market. With maximum lifting capacities of 9,260 lbs and 12,570 lbs respectively, the HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S both belong to Hiab’s heavy material handling range.

They will be complementing two new industry sectors in Hiab’s US offering; first, the US freight railroad industry where they deliver enhanced safety and reliability for efficient maintenance of way, and second in the waste & recycling industry where the loaders speed and precise maneuverability deliver major productivity advantages.

“Our loaders were originally designed for use in the Nordic forestry industry, one of the toughest operating environments on the planet,” says Hans Ekman, Vice President, Forestry & Recycling Cranes, Hiab. “The technology is proven; we know these loaders can be relied upon to work in the full range of climatic conditions and to handle heavy duty cycles year after year.”

A key differentiator between the new loaders and traditional US A-frame loaders lies in the basic construction. Hiab’s engineers deliberately chose the column design basis in order to broaden installation options and to enable a more flexible stabiliser system options. This contributes to the loaders’ stability and thereby enhances safety. Other safety-enhancing options include a one-hit button that stops operation in case of an emergency, an overload protection system and load-holding valves.

For all their strength, the loaders themselves are light in weight and engineered for an optimal weight to capacity ratio. This gives greater agility and higher payloads while also contributing to a longer service life. HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S are treated with Hiab’s highly regarded nDurance coating to resist corrosion and protect against minor physical damages. Hoses are protected with smart routing, while swiveling couplings minimize mechanical wear.

The new loaders are built for fast, precise operation. “In-house designed hydraulics and control system kinematics allow operators to carry out multiple maneuvers simultaneously and effortlessly,” continues Jani Koskinen, Application Manager, Hiab. “This boosts operator productivity without sacrificing on precision.”

Combining durability and high productivity, HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S help lower operational costs over their lifetime. Their day-to-day productivity is secured by Hiab’s industry-leading nationwide service network and exceptional 2 years’ full warranty plus 3 years’ structural component warranty program.

The new loaders will not be ready to order before 2020.


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