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LOGLIFT logotype

Our logotypes consist of the elephant symbol and the respective brand name. 
The different versions are to be used in the order of preference below.

1. The preferred version is positive on a black background.
2. The secondary version is positive in a black frame, udes on a non-black background.
3. A black-and-white version may be used when necessary.

Read more in our Visual Identity Guide

Here you can download the LOGLIFT logotypes:

LOGLIFT logotypes in CMYK For print
LOGLIFT logotypes in RGB For screen
LOGLIFT logotypes in PMS  For print


LOGLIFT templates

Here you can download different type of LOGLIFT templates:

Advertisment templates Preview & Download
Brochures templates Preview & Download
Newsletter templates Preview & Download
Poster templates Preview & Download
Rollup templates Preview & Download
Technical data templates Preview & Download

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