Meet Sandra Chambers, Solution Owner, Service Systems at Hiab (central services)

When I pulled into the parking lot, I could see all of the beautiful cranes lined up… 

Meet Sandra Chambers, Solution Owner, Service Systems at Hiab (central services). Sandra joined Hiab over 3 years ago when she started as a business analyst. In her current position as a Solution Owner, most of her time is spent on the development and global implementation of Hiab’s new Field Service Management tool: “I work with our development team and solution coordinators from different countries to better define service processes and improve our tools to achieve service excellence for our customers. I also try to be the curator of fun meetings.” 

Sandra sees Hiab as a fascinating company which is global, yet local and this was one of the main reasons she applied to Hiab in the first place. She still remembers her first day at the office and how everything was exciting: “We have the best on-road load handling equipment in the world. When I pulled into the parking lot, I could see all of the beautiful cranes lined up. In each office hung framed pictures of impressive Hiab equipment at work. But equally as important as the equipment... everyone was happy. I was excited to be a part of this team!

When describing her daily work the word “fun” comes up many times. Sandra enjoys the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world and she feels lucky to travel to different places while doing her part to improve Hiab through their systems: “One day, I joined a technician on a customer site repair job. We chatted for hours. The most overwhelming theme stemming from all of our conversation was that this technician had pride in his job and wanted to service all customers to the absolute best of his ability. That was a fun day.”

When working with people it’s important to develop your communication skills. Since joining Hiab Sandra has worked hard to refine her teambuilding, leadership and project management skills and she feels like these skills have improved during her time in the company. She underlines the power of teamwork: “Above all else, teamwork is the most important attribute to success. When we work together, and build each other up, driving our initiatives to success is fun and keeps a smile on everyone's face.”

And last, when asking what is the best about Sandra’s work her answer is clear: “Every project, every strategy session and every critical decision Hiab makes is a result of our colleagues participation. We make an impact at Hiab. I love being asked for my or my team's participation in these critical items. It gives me great job satisfaction that significantly outweighs the hours, the stress and hard work. They are all part of my life, but the payoff is having an impact on my company that I can "own". Our people are simply fun to work with, and our leadership team is smart and driven. We are all on this journey together.”


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