Our Strong Brands

Today we offer a broad range of cranes for several purposes.

Our story started with loader cranes yet as Eric Sundin’s pioneering hydraulic solution became known and trusted, our customers approached us with more diverse needs. To answer them we expanded our portfolio of brands, equipment and solutions to enable a broader range of applications. As pioneers we always seek new opportunities, finding improved ways to support our customers.

For loader cranes we offer a broad selection of HIAB cranes with lifting capacity to over 30tm and variations in range. In recent years, we have developed features that make operating the cranes easier. Whether you are delivering building materials, industrial products or digging, HIAB offers precision and performance.

For forest people, we are also known for our pioneering work and several industry firsts. JONSERED was founded in Sweden already in 1833 (joined Hiab in 1978), and provides cranes designed for hard work from handling cut-to-length timber to loading full-length stems. The same goes for LOGLIFT (founded in 1966, joined Hiab in 1988) whose cranes offer quality built to last and a new standard in safety and comfort with the HiVision™ control system tailored for next generation forest people.

The forestry cranes are also used for recycling, and deepening our expertise in that area is MULTILIFT (founded in 1949, joined Hiab in 1977) with its skiploaders and hooklifts. These demountables are also well-suited for construction, rescue and defence, offering a variety of basic features and smart functions as well as electrical solutions.

For agile urban deliveries

Agile goods delivery in a variety of industries such as building, gas, agriculture, recycling and beverage is ensured by truck mounted forklifts from MOFFETT, a pioneer brand founded by Cecil Moffett in 1985 in Ireland (joined Hiab in 2000). The truck mounted forklifts increase accessibility for deliveries, and with the MOFFETT E-SERIES, the electric engine enables night-time deliveries with zero emissions. In the USA the industry-leading PRINCETON brand (founded in 1972) complements our truck mounted forklift offering.

We offer more solutions for local urban deliveries with our broad line of tail lifts. Easily installed at the back of trucks and vans, we have three brands focused on this solution. ZEPRO (founded in the 1940s, joined Hiab in 2000) serves most of Europe except the UK, where we have DEL (founded in 1987, joined Hiab in 2008). In the US our tail lifts are under the WALTCO brand which has been delivering solutions for customer needs since 1954 and as part of Hiab since 2000.

New loader crane brands in our portfolio

In China we have the joint venture SINOTRUK with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co. Ltd. started in 2013. The focus of Sinotruk Hiab Equipment Ltd. is on the Chinese loader cranes market. In Brazil, our loader crane offering is strengthened by ARGOS. Hiab acquired the loader crane business of Argos Guindastes Indústria e Comércio Ltda. in October 2017.


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