Hiab is the leading supplier of vehicle-mounted load handling solutions for defence. As warfare and humanitarian operations change and develop, we shape the technology to meet their challenges.

Hiab load handling solutions – vehicle-mounted loader cranes, rough-terrain forklifts and versatile hooklifts – enable agile, diversified fleets that can interoperate easily and do more with less. Deployed by many defence forces for 20-30 years, our equipment is battle-proven and trusted in conditions from desert sand to arctic ice.Capability and reliability are also hallmarks of our organisation, which provides specialised support from hundreds of locations worldwide.

Support to your specifications

Hiab is the clear partner for defence vehicle developers and contractors, with whom we have longstanding relationships. Our product range has a standard core with many options, which allows customisation to individual vehicle or military standards, as well as highly specific conditions. Even when preparing systems from scratch, our delivery performance is flawless.

Our strengths, however, are more than just technical. With decades of tendering experience and a devoted organisation for government sales, we provide the right support in military language and format. This applies even to our documentation, parts handling and service, which are all part of our Integrated Logistics Support.

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