HiVision for multilift: A smarter way to lift


Operating a hooklift has never been easier 

Hiab is reinventing the efficiency and safety of hook lifting with the innovative and industry leading digital technology HiVision. Combining external cameras and sensors with in cabin viewing technology and controls, safety and productivity are uncompromised on every job. Obstacle detection software is an additional safety feature that minimises the risk of injury to people or damage to equipment.

The operator has complete vision of the external environment and can maneuver the truck and hooklift precisely into place - all from the safety of the cabin. Using 3D technology and touch screen controls, the driver can smoothly and quickly attach a load and drive away in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

*Please note that the display and various details may differ from the final product. 


Never miss a container

HiVision for MULTILIFT combines camera technology with the latest industry standards and innovations. Using three mounted cameras on the external operating equipment, the system offers the highest level control on all our hooklifts. The system can detect containers and with the push of a button, the driver can select guided reverse and lift the container onto the vehicle.


Hooked on safety

Sensors and the camera technology create an augmented reality visible on the control screen in the cabin, giving the driver full visibility of the external environment which would otherwise be obscured. Obstacle detection triggers a warning so the driver can stop any operation that is deemed unsafe. The system also shows the operator if the container is loaded and secured correctly, reducing any risks associated with human error.


Easy as loading a container

Easier, safer and faster hanging with HiVision means every job is carried out quicker. The technology delivers precision handling, minimising wear and tear on equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and costly repairs. Swiftly move from job to job without the need for the driver to exit the vehicle.


Empower your business

Running a business can be challenging and matching the equipment with the operator might not always be that easy. By equipping your fleet with HiVision you will significantly lower the threshold of operating a hooklift, enabling less experienced operators to carry out the job safely and efficiently. Your business will not only be more successful by unlocking new potential and competence within your staff, you will also be an attractive employer by offering the latest and most user friendly solutions.