WALTCO accessories

Make your investment work harder for longer

Tailor your WALTCO liftgate with accessories that can tackle the most challenging jobs - from the heaviest weights to the smallest spaces. From safety lights to remote controls, original tail lift accessories provide quality assured consistent performance and keep your equipment in prime condition.

Aluminium platform

The aluminum platform is the perfect choice if you are looking for a lighter platform with exceptional corrosion resistance. The platform has a unique bolt-together feature that reduces costly repairs.

Bed extension

We offer various bed extension options to accommodate your needs. These options include a 102" wide vehicle modification, a walk ramp compatible bed extension, bolt-on bed extension kit, swing door compatible bed extension and a 1/2" thick bed extension. See individual models for applicable options.

Cart stops / cart retention systems

Put safety at the forefront of your fleet. Foot Activated Carts Stops and Cart Retention Systems ensure you have full control of your load when unloading from the vehicle.

Dock bumpers

WALTCO offers many additional options for various dock bumper requests. Available step options for our flipaway dock bumpers include steel steps (one or two) or a wire rope step. For enhanced safety, our lighting options include red/white lights, red/red lights. You can opt to have your dock bumper just prepped for lights or no lights at all. Rubber Bumper Pad Kits are available (C series only).

Solar charger

With solar power your liftgate battery never dies, it keeps charging even when your vehicle is stationary, and never overcharges. This means you can put an end to stops caused by power problems and maximize the uptime of your fleet.

Light options

Regardless of your application, WALTCO has the right light configuration to support your needs.

Above floor travel

WALTCO offers above floor travel on its column liftgate line when you need to raise your load higher than bed level.

Auxiliary battery

Auxiliary batteries are required for trailer liftgate applications and on a truck for the heavy cycle user who does not want to compromise the chassis batteries.

Cab shut off switch

The Cab Shut-Off Switch disconnects power to the liftgate controls ensuring that unwanted users are unable to operate the liftgate.

Dual power unit

Dual Power Units can help prevent costly road calls. This back-up system is perfect for heavy-duty cycle users who cannot afford downtime.

Additional control options

WALTCO offers many options to allow you to control your liftgate safely: Dual Controls, Hand Held Remote Kit's and a Cab-Mounted Shut-off Safety Switch. Contact is for more information.

Flip up door kit

When using your BZ liftgate as the back door, the Flip Up Door Kit bridges the gap from the top header of the body to the liftgate platform in the stored position. Contact your WALTCO sales rep. for application parameters.

Galvanized mainframe

Increase the lifecycle of your liftgate with a galvanized mainframe. A galvanized mainframe protects against rust and harsh weather elements. A sound investment for the total life of the liftgate.

Header kits

Header kits not only make your vehicle look complete, they seal your vehicle around the building when dock loading, keeping the weather where it belongs... outside. An optional porch light system is available to provide illumination from dusk till dawn.

Hitch option

Optional Hitch application is available for those times when you need both a liftgate and towing capabilities as well.

Knurled platform

WALTCO is committed to safety. Our Knurled Platform comes with a rigid aluminum surface to enhance grip and to create a non-slip environment.

Power options flipaway

We offer additional power options for our flipaway liftgates. A Power Down option is available for our flipaways and comes standard with gravity down, Tractor Wiring Kits for tractor trailer applications, Single and Dual Pole Kits and chargers for various setups, higher amperage cables (200 amps), and 50' cables (150 and 200 amps) are also available.

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