HIAB XS 322 HiPro

Excellent reach and productivity.
A CE marked remotely controlled 32 tm crane.

The HIAB XS 322 HiPro offers your business superior performance in terms of reach, lifting capability and low-weight construction. It is built to withstand high-stress tasks over a long working life.

HIAB XS 322 HiPro specifications

Technical infoHIAB XS 322 E-8 HiPro HIAB XS 322 E-6 HiPro + Jib70X-4
Control SystemHiPro HiPro
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (m)21 m26.2 m
Manual Extension Outreach (m)22.6 m-
Outreach With Jib (m)-28 m
Weight (kg)4291 kg4864 kg

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