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HIAB XS 111 HiPro

  • HIAB XS 111 HiPro

A toolbox with reach.
A CE marked remotely controlled 11.7 tm crane.

The HIAB XS 111 HiPro is a highly versatile tool. This 8–11 tm workhorse is built to withstand demanding tasks such as digging and grapple work, yet it has the feel and control for delivering loads with extremely high precision.

HIAB XS 111 HiPro specifications

Technical infoHIAB XS 111 E-4 HiPro HIAB XS 111 E-2 HiPro HIAB XS 111 E-5 HiPro
Control SystemHiPro HiPro HiPro
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (m)12.4 m8 m14.6 m
Weight (kg)1720 kg1480 kg1820 kg

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