• HIAB X-HIPRO 1058

Supersized with super powers.
A CE marked remotely controlled 90 tm crane.

Quick to install and designed to be fast, smooth and safe. This crane, in our big crane range, features enhancing new features for better performance, easier and faster mounting and installation, durability and ease of use. With a capacity of 90tm and horizontal outreach of up to 34.5 meters with a jib, and vertically up to 38 meters, this extra capacity crane gives you possibilities for heavy lifting at long ranges.



HIAB HiPro is the most advanced remote control system in the industry. With a high flow of oil that allows many simultaneous movements, it ensures the highest speed and precision – for the greatest productivity. HIAB HiPro has Automatic Speed Control (ASC), which increases capacity without stopping or any action from the operator. Pump Flow Distribution (PFD) distributes the oil evenly in proportion to control movements, ensuring supersmooth operation without sudden load accelerations.

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Two-year warranty

HIAB loader cranes are built to perform, with strong materials and a quality of workmanship no other supplier can match. And because we build them with care, we stand behind them with confidence. Today all HIAB cranes come with a two-year standard warranty that applies to all components. Not only does it cover the parts you expect, it also covers the following wear parts: • Painting • Seals (both internal and external) • Flexible hoses

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VSL PLUS (Variable Stability Logic Plus)

VSLPLUS is a safety system that maximises the crane capacity by calculating the stability according to the position of the stabiliser legs and the total weight of the truck.

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HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 specifications

Technical infoHIAB X-HIPRO 1058 EP-4 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 EP-5 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 EP-6 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-6 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-7 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-8 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-9 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-10 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-6+JIB 175X-4 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-6+JIB 175X-5 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-7+JIB 175X-4 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-7+JIB 150X-4 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-7+JIB 175X-5 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-7+JIB 150X-6 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-8+JIB 150X-6 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-8+JIB 175X-4 JDC HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-8+JIB 150X-4 HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-8+JIB 175X-5 JDC
Control SystemHiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro HiPro
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (m)11.8 m14.2 m16.4 m15.4 m17.6 m19.7 m21.9 m24 m15.4 m15.4 m17.6 m17.6 m17.6 m17.6 m19.7 m19.7 m19.7 m19.7 m
Outreach With Jib (m)--------23.6 m25.2 m25.7 m25.9 m27.2 m29.7 m31.8 m27.7 m28 m29.3 m
Weight (kg)6616 kg6997 kg7180 kg7382 kg7652 kg7895 kg8128 kg8279 kg8731 kg8816 kg8986 kg8880 kg9071 kg9018 kg9253 kg9227 kg9115 kg9312 kg
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