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  • HIAB X-CLX 398

When the demand is non-stop. A non-CE short-boom crane with continuous slewing and a lifting capacity of 36Tm.

When the demand is non-stop. A non-CE short-boom crane with continuous slewing, for when the demand is non-stop. Built for powerful lifting close to the truck, with a capacity of 36Tm.
Some jobs simply demand more. And when they do, you need your time for moving the load – not your truck. The HIAB X-CLX 398 has continuous slewing, so it provides 360o of continuous freedom. But it also delivers powerful lifts close to the truck, thanks to its purpose-built short-boom design. With an outreach of 17.5 m and weighing just 4350 kg, the HIAB X-CLX 398 is ideal for non-stop demands


Two-year warranty

HIAB loader cranes are built to perform, with strong materials and a quality of workmanship no other supplier can match. And because we build them with care, we stand behind them with confidence. Today all HIAB cranes come with a two-year standard warranty that applies to all components. Not only does it cover the parts you expect, it also covers the following wear parts: • Painting • Seals (both internal and external) • Flexible hoses

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HIAB CLX is a rugged and reliable manual control solution. It has a cross-control setup, which simplifies operation by placing the same lever sequence of both sides of the truck. HIAB CLX provides rapid response to lever movements, which means jobs can be done quickly – and well. It can be counted on for many years of top-notch operation, even when working in the toughest conditions.

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Continuous Slewing

With continous slewing you will get a faster load cycle times which increases productivity. Operators have in 360°of total freedom to move the crane where needed, avoiding unnecessary backtracking. You also get everything in easy reach which easier and safer lifting. Operators can always choose the best path for lifting from A to B, avoiding unnecessary and potentially unsafe stops. Another benefit is that you get a purpose-built design with a optimised perform. Like other big cranes, HIAB big cranes with continuous slewing are specifically built for high precision at long outreach (long-boom applications) or more lifting power close to the truck (short-boom applications).

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HIAB X-CLX 398 specifications

Technical infoX-CLX 398EP-2 X-CLX 398EP-3 X-CLX 398EP-4 X-CLX 398EP-5
Control SystemCLX CLX CLX CLX
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (m)8.02 m10.31 m12.69 m15.08 m
Weight (kg)3750 kg3970 kg4185 kg4353 kg

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