"I am indeed very proud to have the first ePTO HIAB electric crane in France, at SPIE. After a year of using that first ePTO electric crane in our fleet, we realise we consume a lot less fuel....if we compare it to a traditional vehicle, the cost of use is 30% lower."

Jean-Noël Weiler
Fleet Manager, SPIE CityNetworks North-East

Built CMD / Travis Perkins

The feedback we get day-to-day from operators and the people that managing those business is that the products is well received."

Karl Wilshaw, Head of Fleet, Built CMD/Travis Perkins

Bjännsjö Kranbilar

"If someone had told me three years ago, that I would be driving an eco-friendly car, I would not have thought of a battery driven crane. I´ve had to reconsider that this actually is very beneficial for the environment. Not just for me and my working situation. - We make a difference."

Andreas Gideonsson, Crane operator, Bjännsjö Kranar

Pink Cargo

"We selected HIAB´s electrically powered system ePTO to reduce our environmental impact and to create a better working environment. The best thing about using HIAB´s ePTO is that you can turn of the diesel motor and talk with co-workers or customers, and continue working as efficiently as normal."

Robin Feller, founder of Pink Cargo, Stockholm, Sweden


"We have a social conscious, it's the duty to everybody to make our environment a cleaner place to live in. So we believe in that we should be the pioneers for that and drive it forward."

Paul Sexton, Managing Director Lawsons

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