For digging and other light tool applications, new regulations have meant new challenges. In order to follow guidelines for keeping loads covered, operators can no longer park their crane and bucket on the load during transport.

Unfortunately, most of the available solutions on the market come with significant design drawbacks – from limited extension possibilities to limited lifting capacities. When it comes to what your business can do, are you willing to settle for limitations?

Now you don’t have to. The new HIAB Bucket Kit for Tipper Trucks is a future-proof solution that lets you meet all the requirements in your region, while taking full advantage of the powerful performance of HIAB’s knuckle boom cranes.



  • Our state-of-the-art knuckle boom cranes feature a modern, proven design with advanced developed geometry and the possibilities of at least 3 extensions. The result is a crane with longer outreach, higher lifting capacity and a lower overall weight than traditional solutions for meeting covered load legislation.
  • Use of the knuckle boom is made possible by HIAB’s innovative new Bucket Cradle. The cradle sits behind the truck cabin, allowing you to safely and easily park both crane and bucket out of the way while in transport.
  • Best of all, there’s no extra delay when you have a job that needs doing. HIAB’s patented Rapid Lock System (RLS) makes attaching the bucket to the crane simple and efficient, so your operators can focus on the task at hand.


Bucket cradle
Integrated Safety Platform

Hiab knuckle boom cranes

With a more developed geometry than traditional Z-crane solutions, HIAB knuckle boom cranes offer a number of benefits for improving productivity. With the possibilities for at least 3 extensions, they offer far longer outreach as well as greater capacity relative to their own weight.

RLS – Rapid Lock System

The flexible HIAB Rapid Lock System makes it faster and easier to exchange different crane attachments. The operator simply manoeuvres the crane arm into the chosen accessory, where HIAB’s advanced electrohydraulic locking function ensures quick, secure coupling. In addition to boosting productivity, RLS improves safety as there is no need for the operator to climb the vehicle and manually secure the attachment.   

Bucket Cradle

The HIAB Bucket Cradle was specially designed to simplify load transport and improve productivity for tipper trucks used in digging and filling applications. Incorporated into the operator platform behind the truck cabin, the cradle safely stores the bucket out of the way when in transit and allows for quick attachment when the truck arrives on the job site.

SAF – Semi-automatic folding

Semi-automatic folding increases productivity and reduces the risk of costly damage by making it fast and easy for any operator to park the crane in a safe and controlled way. Both folding and unfolding can be performed with a single control lever, rather than individually steering swing, tilt, lift and extension movements.

Integrated Safety Platform

With the HIAB Bucket Kit for Tipper Trucks, crane operators can work both efficiently and safely. An integrated control platform provides the optimal perspective for digging and filling work, while built-in guard beams keep the operator protected at all times.

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