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With their high capacity and proven dependability, HIAB loader cranes are the natural choice for handling military payload. In defence forces around the world, they excel in the most challenging tasks and environments.

Our robust R&D ensures superior technology. It can be seen in the strength and precision of HIAB hydraulics, but also in crane safety and ease of use. The cranes’ intelligent SPACE system, for example, gives operators vital information and features to increase certainty and decrease risk.
In all aspects, reliability is in focus. HIAB cranes are built to demanding standards, using modular components that increase flexibility while simplifying supply and maintenance. Supporting them is a global network with hundreds of sites that puts specialist competence in easy reach.

Total customisation and support
Our core HIAB models can be adapted to any military standard. We customise cranes for specific vehicles and duties, meeting needs such as air transportability, extreme temperature resistance and specific infrared or electromagnetic properties.
All cranes are provided with 20-year support and excellent parts continuity. Our Integrated Logistics Support covers every aspect of HIAB ownership, from clear documentation to parts management and service training.

Learn more about our loader crane ranges:
HIAB 2222 ATF for recovery vehicles
HIAB 088, 099 and 111 ATD for unloading of cargo and ammunition
HIAB 133 and 144 ATD for handling of missile and rocket canisters


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