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Hooklifts & Roll-Off Cable Hoists

Hooklifts & Roll-Off Cable Hoists

Safety, Durability and Performance

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Hooklifts & Roll-Off Cable Hoists

We offer the largest range of hooklifts and roll-off cable hoists. The right equipment can change the course of your business. With the perfect hooklift or roll-off cable hoist on the back, you can increase daily productivity. Incorporating unmatched safety features, smooth and fast operating with a high-tensile steel structure, MULTILIFT will help you start and finish each job efficiently and on time. Pair loading capacities with the truck’s available or legal payload for maximum longevity. With our hooklifts and roll-off cable hoists, quality assurance and digital solutions are backed up by a global service network that keeps your equipment performing at optimum levels all year round.

Hooklifts & Roll-Off Cable Hoists

Frequently Asked Questions

What capacity hooklift or roll-off cable hoist do I need?

If you already own or have purchased a truck, it’s a byproduct of several things (CA / CT, after frame, GVWR, placement of battery or tool boxes, etc…). If starting from scratch, you have the luxury of selecting the right hooklift or roll-off cable hoist for the job and then a truck that fits best.

Will the MULTILIFT hooklift or roll-off cable hoist match the system(s) I already own?

YES. Our knowledgeable staff and dealer network will assist in finding that perfect match. This will avoid the headache of having to deal with costly container or body alterations. Be prepared to supply the following information: existing brand, model, capacity and some basic truck information.

What length of containers can I use with the hooklift or roll-off cable hoist?

Understand that roll-off cable hoists can carry a wider range of container lengths, some as great as 12’ to 24’. A hooklift handles a more specific range of container lengths and varies based on unit select. Consult our staff or dealer network for exact details. Also note that cubic yardage is not a fixed number, change the side height, container length or both and you’ve altered the cubic yardage.


Electric Cab Controls

All MULTILIFT systems are outfitted with electric cab controls as a standard feature, not an upgrade.

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MULTILIFT hooklifts are the safest in the industry. At the bare minimum, all systems include: in-cab operation, body up warning system, hook safety latch, maintenance support and mechanical body locks. Operate with complete peace-of-mind.

Industry Leading Warranty

Using premium quality steel and components, superior workmanship and the industry’only 2-year all parts warranty, MULTILIFT hooklifts and roll-off cable hoists are built to last. Because we build them with the utmost care, we’re able to back them with confidence. When reliability counts, look no further.

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