HIAB Z-HiPro 191

HIAB Z-Crane model.

Remote controlled loader crane.
CE marked.

18 Tm range capacity loader crane.
The HIAB Z-HIPRO 191 is a ‘top of the line’ Z-Crane model. HiPro is the most advanced remote controlled system, delivering you precision, performance, safety and full control over the toughest jobs to be done.

The unique folding system, with the second boom folding above the first boom, allows keeping some key accessories like the buckets mounted, even while being in the closed compact position.

The industry leading two years warranty coverage matched to the three years for steel parts assure a continuous working life of the crane. The special nDurance paint coating offers protection against rust, further extending the life of the crane.

Z-HIPRO 191 C-84

Z-HIPRO 191 C-2
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