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Knuckle boom cranes
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About liftgates

Convenient and quality service kits

Smart, fast and guaranteed quality - all in one kit

Every minute counts when it comes to business uptime. Hiab service kits are specifically built according to the exact standards and requirements for each piece of machinery - facilitating fast and seamless servicing in the least amount of time possible. Service kits can be used for different purposes from routine maintenance to upgrading the equipment’s performance. Always with Hiab original parts to ensure the same level of operation for your investment long after the purchase date.

Whether you are a dealer or supplier or on owner-operator, Hiab service kits minimise service downtime and keep your business operations running at full speed.


Hiab service kits make your job easier - in and out of the workshop

Maintenance kits

Regular service maintenance is the cornerstone of retaining the long-term, reliability and high-quality, OEM tested parts customised to improve vehicle performance and long-term reliability

Refurbishment kits

Containing only original parts and offered at a lower price than buying them separately, all kits are carefully designed to include everything you need for a repair or overhaul. Avoid searching for individual parts, get everything you need delivered in one go.

Filter kits

All of the parts needed for a standard service are included in the filter kits. Hiab equipment is most efficient when all the components are in prime condition. Take advantage of the easy order process and give your equipment a clean bill of health.

Upgrade kits

When there is a need to get an additional option or an performance upgrade to your equipment, Hiab Upgrade is the way to go. The upgrade kits have been designed with the mentality that you will get your all the parts needed to add an additional option or upgrade with the easy of ordering and also with a competitive price.

Repair kits

If a repair is required, choose from one of the pre-bundled kits to be sure not to miss any of the necessary parts. Designed and packaged to be used with the most common repair jobs in mind, a repair kit will save you both time and money.

Kits for WALTCO tail lifts

Invest in regular services using specially dedicated service kits with original parts to minimise downtime and wear and tear over the lifetime of your tail lift. 

Scheduled maintenance will save time and money by avoiding the need to order and fit parts at different times.

Order service kits through your Hiab sales representative or contact us using the details below.

Contact your local dealer

Contact WALTCO

Buy kits directly via the webshop 
Telephone: +1 800-411-5685
Fax: +1 800-411-5684

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