Hiab USA - Drywall & Building Supply Deliveries

HIAB K-HiPro - Unmatched Load Handling

Operators throughout North America have acclaimed HIAB K-HiPro 285-3, 425K-4, and 515K-2-4 as the best cranes on the market for the delivery of drywall and building materials. These cranes have been designed and built from the ground up to provide low crane weight, high lifting capacities, and the best load handling characteristics in their class.

Hiab’s K-HiPro next generation cranes perfectly cover all of today’s drywall delivery requirements. With different models, vertical reach can be from 4 story to 9 story, all with the best in class ground drop horizontal reach capacity. Our industry first operation technology simplifies operation and stabilizes the load, all while optimizing crane geometry and capacity. Hiab cranes will have drywall deliveries running more efficiently and reliably than any other cranes on the market.

MOFFETT - Taking Drywall Further

Today’s commercial and residential job sites have become more challenging due to increased traffic, tighter turnarounds, and limited access delivery sites. While conventional boom trucks may struggle accessing certain sites, the MOFFETT Truck Mounted Forklift allows the delivery truck to park remotely and, within a minute the MOFFETT is on the ground, ready to conquer site challenges such as rough terrain, heavy tree coverage, and basement/back door deliveries.

Both M8 and M9 models have the added ability to travel sideways down driveways, through tight parking lots, and even into buildings. Both feature our groundbreaking remote ground mount system, while our M9 features a Freelift™ Mast and low profile design. The low profile Freelift™ mast offers an overall height of 79”, providing ample clearance for delivering and stacking into residential garages, through commercial buildings and onto parking decks of multi-story buildings. This reduces manual handling and creates a faster delivery turnaround time with less disruption on the job site. Adding a MOFFETT to your drywall delivery fleet, ensures that all your drywall delivery requirements are covered.


Introducing the new MOFFETT E5 50.3P NX - the first all-electric, double-reach truck mounted forklift. View the video to learn which advantages an ePowered truck mounted forklift offers that will take your deliveries to the next level.

MOFFETT E-Series NX - A Sustainable Alternative

MOFFETT E-SERIES NX - A quiet and sustainable alternative to diesel engines. A MOFFETT eSeries truck mounted forklift offers an extremely efficient way to load, unload and move material in a sustainable way and with minimum noise. Because it’s an all-electric forklift, it’s perfect for use in Low Emission Zones and places where noise is a concern – like residential areas, and when it’s late at night.

Built to perform. Engineered safe.

Every Hiab product is designed with safety in mind. Hiab’s industry leading technology provides world class, industry leading safety features that keep operators safe and in control, minimizing risk to individuals or the environment.

With the smart technology solutions of Hiab’s loader cranes, human driven errors and unsafe operations are reduced. Features such as the HiPro control system with standard Overload Protection, Automatic Speed Control, Variable Stability Limit, and many more ensure the safest and most efficient operation of HIAB loader cranes.

HIAB material handlers are also packed with features that will keep operators and customers safe. An emergency stop is standard on all HIAB loaders - stopping all operations at the push of a button in an emergency situation. Overload protection and optional load holding valves ensure safe load handling and prevent load movement if a hose or connector becomes damaged.