Dedicated Engineering Support for Every Need

Quality engineering support for every project

Hiab USA Inc. has a team of experienced engineers, ready to support customer application needs through our Direct Sales team. This team is based in Perrysburg, Ohio at our National Support Center. Hiab Engineering employs proven tools and methods to ensure that the customer projects are designed and validated to the highest level of quality. Hiab Engineering supports customer projects start-to-finish, from concept to delivery.

Application Feasibility

The Hiab Engineering team will ensure that the proper equipment is utilized for customer applications. This includes optimization of equipment capacity and packaging. If necessary, Hiab Engineering will help customers specify and quote the appropriate trucks for their applications as well.

Hiab Engineering employs proven, technical tools to ensure that a customer concept is feasible for operation. This includes packaging, weight distribution, payload capacity, and virtual validation of equipment performance and stability during operation.

Additionally, Hiab Engineering provides extensive screening of all incoming customer orders to ensure that customers will get exactly what they need for their applications.

Installation Design

Hiab Engineering directly supports the installation facility at the National Support Center in Perrysburg, Ohio. As an integral part of that process, Hiab Engineering provides detailed truck installation designs to both the production team and third-party suppliers.

The Engineering team ensures that all of the equipment used in a customer application has both detailed prints and specifications, as well as ensuring that the highest-performing and most cost-effective components are provided to our customers. Additionally, Hiab Engineering provides in-house designs for custom components and subsystems. These include but are not limited to headboards, custom bodies, mounting kits, auxiliary power systems, and equipment attachments. 

Hiab Engineering has an extensive design library with a high-level of product maturity, and our experienced engineers leverage proven designs to ensure that our customers receive only the highest-performing and most-reliable products.

After Sales Support

Hiab Engineering is ready to support customer application needs long after the equipment is delivered and operational. In conjunction with our Technical Support team, Hiab Engineering provides application troubleshooting support and designs for field repairs.

Hiab Engineering is prepared to assist customers in the field to ensure that equipment downtime is minimized and that our customers remain satisfied with the reliability of our products.