Hiab Training Simulator: the ultimate solution for operator training

A Virtual Reality Training Experience

The Hiab Training Simulator provides a virtual reality training experience to operators on how to operate a crane in a safe, smooth manner. With industry specific courses, our customers gain remarkable results by increasing equipment standardization and NCCCO practical exam pass rates, while reducing safety risks and onboarding training costs. Together with our customers, we have developed roofing and drywall specific courses that target the challenges of the segment and provide holistic training for the full job around the crane. 

A Compact, Lightweight, & Convenient Training Tool

Utilizing the latest training technology, the Hiab Training Simulator is a lightweight and wireless training solution that travels in a shock resistant case. The modern virtual reality used in the simulator removes the need for cumbersome equipment, providing the freedom and opportunity to train in any environment, even without an onsite truck or crane.

The case is a small and easy to use package, consisting of a virtual reality headset and the Hiab CombiDrive3 controller.

Prepare for the NCCCO Practical Exam

The NCCCO module adds training that is focused on passing the NCCCO practical exam. Operators have an opportunity to receive a deep understanding of the NCCCO process, including the different tasks required in the test and an overview on the best practices to pass the exam. The Hiab Training Simulator provides virtual access to the articulated boom crane and articulated boom loader NCCCO practical exam, allowing operators to repeatedly practice the exam tasks before taking the actual test.

Trusted & Reliable Support

Dedicated Hiab resources are ready to help implement the Hiab Training Simulator in your industry, so you can always expect to receive the most value in your training operations. The Hiab Training Simulator, as all Hiab products, is supported throughout the life-cycle of the service and is covered by the standard Hiab two year warranty.


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