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Two new game-changing, heavy-duty loaders for material handling

We’re proud to present the HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S, two new heavy-duty loaders tailored for material handling in the US market. These robust column loaders will withstand intensive daily use in harsh climates in three key industries:

  • Forestry - Delivers the performance and agility needed for higher payloads and faster turnarounds
  • Railroad – Safe and reliable for an efficient Maintenance of Way
  • Waste & Recycling – Enables fast, precise maneuvers in urban areas

Transforming the world of material handling

Our two new loaders deliver transformational safety, reliability, and performance. Light. Efficient. Fast. But their performance is distinctively heavyweight and they thrive on intense load cycles, with the respective capacities;

  • HIAB J14S 9,260 lbs (@10’ radius)
  • HIAB J24S 12,570 lbs (@13’ radius)

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Safety and stability, built in

Get all the safety and stability you need, without the impact to the performance. These are a few of the key features built-into HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S.

  • Our column design enables a stabilizer system that is more flexible than traditional A-frame loaders used in the US.
  • The stabilizer beam is separate from the loader's base, allowing it to fit it on either side of the base without structural modifications.
  • Out-and-down stabilizers are standard, or for the toughest environments, flap-down stabilizers are optional.
  • An optional E-stop kit improves safety. One hit on the button stops all operations – just what you need in an emergency. This option also includes warning systems covering multiple hazardous situations.
  • Load Holding Valves for boom systems and/or slewing that keep the load safe and stationary in the event of damage to a hydraulic hose or connector.

Unmatched Longevity

HIAB J14S & HIAB J24S are designed and constructed to thrive on high-intensity, heavy-duty work year after year. These are a few of the features that ensure a long loader life.

nDurance pre-treatment and paint process for main steel components creates superior corrosion resistance and protection from minor impacts.

Hose Protection Link (HPL) incorporated with the internal boom hoses safely route the hoses to the boom tip and reduce the opportunities for impact damages.

Swiveling couplings at the base allow the hoses to rotate while slewing, minimizing wear and extending column hose kit.

The slewing mechanism is lubricated constantly in an oil bath, increasing reliability and extending the loader’s working life.

  • nDurance coating
  • Hose protection link
  • Swiveling couplings
  • Oil bath

Productivity for Lower True Costs

With the built-in features such as durability and high productivity, the HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S help lower your operational costs over their lifetime.

  • Engineered for an optimal weight to capacity ratio, our loaders offer greater agility, higher payloads, and a longer service life.
  • They are built for fast, precise operation. In-house designed hydraulics and control system kinematics enable multiple simultaneous maneuvers– saving time without sacrificing the precision.
  • Our high-torque rack-and-pinion double-rack slewing system provides rapid acceleration/deceleration and a better lifting capacity, especially on uneven surfaces.

Our nationwide service network provides an additional peace of mind with efficient and speedy service, ensuring minimal downtime. We offer an exceptional 2 years full warranty plus 3 years structural warranty program.

  • 2 years full warranty and 3 years structural component warranty

A natural home in the forest

Reliability is at a premium, particularly out on remote sites. Our loaders are backed with decades of operational experience and supported in the field with our unrivalled service and support network.

With safety, comfort, and longevity in mind, we have refined our two new loaders to keep working for you, day and night, year after year. Built using high-grade steel and an optimized structural design they are both lightweight and long-lasting.

Loaders for use on the railroads

We understand the pressures you face, whether pioneering new lines, carrying out maintenance of way on a tight schedule, or moving materials between railyards or sections under repair. The HIAB J14S & HIAB J24S are built to handle materials, reliably and cost-effectively, year after year.

Safety and compliance with the railroad’s increasingly stringent safety standards are essential in this sector. Safety is built into our loaders - with a solid, basic construction, smart controls, and features that facilitate the operators’ job.

Payload gains for waste & recycling

HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S are profitable solutions to reduce current expensive waste and recycling processes. Instead of waste being sent in expensive processes to a landfill, material can now be recycled for profit. With a long service life and low true costs, these new loaders will turn trash into income.

When investing and modernizing your fleet, a HIAB heavy-duty loader offers the flexibility needed to work smoothly with the local infrastructure.

HIAB J14S and HIAB J24S are rugged and reliable to provide years of uninterrupted service in all climates. Along with their speed and preciseness, they bring an unprecedented level of safety for operators.

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