MOFFETT rough terrain forklifts have become a natural choice for armed forces worldwide.

A key reason for this arise from the forklifts working in the most arduous circumstances.

MOFFETT rough terrain forklifts provide faster and safer operations, even in confined spaces or difficult to navigate terrain. Furthermore, a MOFFETT can be enlisted within a wide range of military applications. The manoeuvrability and excellent off-road capabilities makes it an ideal machine for operating in front line roles, stores management and attack helicopter support. With the ability to add a number of attachments such as a hole boring auger, barrel clamps, squeeze forks, fork petitioners and a folding boom, a MOFFETT is transformed into a multi-role machine. Any MOFFETT can supplement its key function, whilst also helping to erect essential support facilities - from field hospitals to catering facilities.


A MOFFETT rough terrain forklift is a reliable and flexible workhorse in just about any environment or situation. Their adaptability has become legendary with those that use them, day in and day out. Additionally, within many military organisations, MOFFETT’s have become an important asset in ensuring that operations are carried out safely in key logistics areas, including:

Attack Helicopter Support:

  • Fuel delivery
  • Munitions delivery
  • Helicopter support

Front Line Support:

  • Bridge building
  • Fencing
  • Fox hole drilling
  • Field hospital erection 
  • Mobile camp erection

Stores Management:

  • Container de-stuffing
  • General stores movement

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