JONSERED: Features and Functions

Supports sustainability

There is an increasing need to turn waste into useful, sustainable resources which is driving demands on those who work in the recycling business. Regardless of the material you work with, the solutions you use must stand up to intense load cycles each and every day.

JONSERED understands those demands which is why our cranes are equipped with standard and optional features that provide the speed, durability and efficiency required to get the job done.


Durability for a tough business

Working with recyclables is tough work with long days and intense load cycles. The equipment you use needs to be able to take on the hardest challenges, without ever letting you down. JONSERED recycling cranes are designed and built with durability in mind to support heavy duty operations. Unique features specifically designed with recycling in mind will optimise your business day after day, year after year.

Oil Bath

Keeping the slewing mechanism immersed in oil is a prerequisite for the heavy-duty work JONSERED cranes carry out. An oil bath provides smooth and precise slewing and reduces wear on the mechanism, keeping repair and service costs to a minimum.

All weather protection

Rain, dust, sand, and sunlight are unforgiving forces that can damage the crane’s paint. nDurance nano-technology paint protects the crane all year round using technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process. Based on nanotechnology and combined with state-of-the-art e-coating and powder paint, every square millimeter of the crane is covered with three protective layers for the highest corrosion resistance. Created with sustainability in mind, nDurance is 100% phosphate free with no heavy metals and virtually no waste.

Safety in every situation

Optimise safety in and out of the cab with JONSERED’s industry leading features. Tough conditions can challenge even the sturdiest equipment, but you can be guaranteed the highest level of safety with all JONSERED recycling cranes so business always keeps moving. All safety features are designed with the operator and working environment in mind and to support increased productivity.




The Safety+R system for JONSERED recycling cranes is an electronic crane control system that is packed with important safety features that help get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible.n The control system contains a number of indicators and sensors that monitor crane operation. This information enables the control system to optimise crane performance and prevent hazardous crane movements.

Main features:

  • VSL increases stability without compromising efficiency
  • OverloadProtection (OLP)
  • Operators Protection System (OPS), a virtual driver safety cage for operating from the stand up platform
  • Load Holding Valve (LHV) that safely holds the load in case of hose failure




Safety+RS is an electronic crane control system based on Hiab SPACE X4.
The control system contains a number of indicators and sensors monitoring for example load, position and movements. With this information the control system can optimize crane performance and prevent hazardous movements and speed.

Main features:

  • Rated capacity indicator
  • Overload Protection for lifting (OLP)
  • Over Turn Protection for digging (OTP)
  • Stabilizers deployment monitoring (VSL on/off)
  • Transport Warning Interface TWI
  • STOP push button
  • Vehicle’s engine to idle (engine stop not available!)
  • Dumping of oil


Safety+R is suitable for use on JONSERED recycling cranes:


Peak efficiency for every job

Move heavy loads swiftly and from job to job with technology and design that gives a competitive edger. A wireless scale facilitates quick and accurate loading, with easy-to-use data to account for load and weather conditions to ensure weight limits are never crossed. The crane is connected to the truck chassis using a three-point bridge which minimises any impact on driving conditions. From the first ride of the day to the last load of the day, a JONSERED has all the features to deliver maximum efficiency.


Wireless Scale - for quick accurate loading

A wireless scale will allow you to be loaded to the maximum, without crossing allowed weight limits. Eliminating unnecessary trips and increasing your productivity. The wireless scale is easy and easy to use, with a logic display and excellent
data overview.

  • Always know the exact load on your truck with an easy to use system
  • Very reliable and exact system that always gives accurate information on load weight in all weather conditions
  • Quick and easy to mount, saves you maintenance time and is reliable
  • Low risk of system damage and failure



Push performance to the limit

Never compromise on performance with JONSERED’s powerful double rack design slewing system that tackles easy duty applications with ease. Get smooth starts and high torque with reliable operation even on inclines and slopes. This unique build pushes up productivity to the max while keeping maintenance needs down. Intuitive steering and multiple workstation options mean drivers/operators can handle the crane with precision and accuracy every time.

Double rack slewing for smooth and reliable performance*

The powerful JONSERED slewing system features a double rack design that is especially suitable for heavy duty applications. It ensures a smooth start and high torque, with reliable operation even on inclines and slopes. This keeps your productivity up and your maintenance needs down. * The JONSERED 1100RS comes with single rack slewing.


Three-point bridge, built for the road

The right crane makes a difference on the job, as well as in getting to and from it. In JONSERED recycling cranes, a three-point bridge connects the crane to the truck chassis, minimising the impact on driving characteristics. You can be confident your ride will be a smooth and pleasant experience, every day.