The perfect partner for forestry log lifting

The perfect partner for forestry log lifting

Timber lifting and transporting requires a reliable and sturdy partner. LOGLIFT forestry cranes are built to last with solid construction and smart solutions that deliver superior safety and operational efficiency. Industry leading HiVision offers the future of forestry with camera and remote control technology. All backed up by a global service network that is geared to maximising business uptime.

Forestry lifting without boundaries

LOGLIFT understands forestry. The weather conditions, rugged environment, solitary working, and need for optimum productivity. From the forests of Sweden to the mountains of Japan, LOGLIFT cranes help people work more efficiently.


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Performance boosting features optimise every working day; HiVision technology, powerful slewing systems, intuitive controls and superior lifting capacity combine to make every lift safe, swift and accurate.


Loglift for every load

From the forest to the mill, LOGLIFT cranes are perfectly suited to the working environment. With cranes able to cover a wide lifting range, with ergonomic and safe cabin designs, and HiVision camera technology on board, there is a solution to meet even the toughest business needs.


A straight boom can be partially folded over the load during transport, or occasionally the second boom is folded over the truck cab. S-boom cranes can be configured in two ways and are available with 10.0 - 22.5 tm capacity.


Representing the letter Z when folded gives these cranes their name. A foldable inline boom system with two side-mounted cylinders on the second boom. Available with 6.0 - 22.5 tm capacity.


Hiab accessories are the ideal solution for giving what your business needs - adding that flexibility to carry out several types of jobs according to customer demand and opportunities. A forestry crane becomes a true working tool that can be adapted to work in situations that require different types of tools and that easily fit different industry uses.


A Hiab is not just a piece of equipment, it is a crucial business partner - an investment in your future, with the latest technology onboard, to control your fleet, optimise workload and uptime. Always with safety as a priority. All covered by Hiab’s exceptional global service network.

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Our global reach means customers from all over the world rely on LOGLIFT to add value to their business and customers.

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From forestry people, for forest people

Back in the early 1950s in the forests of Sweden, forestry workers were starting the industrialisation of the industry. By the mid-1960s, the first LOGLIFT was being developed and in 1966, The FISKARS 6000S went into production. This innovative approach to forestry is still in our DNA today.

From that first crane to now, LOGLIFT aims to help forest people get more out of the working day to make a profitable living by safely and efficiently moving timber from the forest to paper and sawmills. 

Safety continues to be a cornerstone of design and building as we lead the way with the latest technology and digital solutions. And today, just like yesterday, efficiency is driven by our passion for managing one of our greatest and most sustainable natural resources of all: the forest.

Together with our customers, we continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the forestry business.

LOGLIFT is made for forest people, by forest people.