HIAB Control Systems

Choosing a control system is a key part of selecting your HIAB loader crane. HIAB control systems allow simultaneous movements and are known for their reliability and ease of use. There is a wide selection of systems to choose among based on your working and business needs.

Different types of functionalities, safety levels and features are accessible among the various controls that are at the heart of our range of cranes. The selection of your load capacity needs goes hand in hand with what you need to achieve using the cranes itself, as the possibility to have a set of features can make working in certain areas or conditions as effective and profitable as possible.

HIAB remote controlled systems

Remote control based systems let you work from a safe distance or right where the action is, giving you an unobstructed view. HIAB remote control systems are the most advanced choice you can make, with market leading smart functions that give you added capacity, the highest level of safety and precision when you need it.

Discover how HiPro and HiDuo driven cranes can enhance your business.


HiPro is the most advanced model platform control system within the HIAB loader crane range of products. This remote controlled system delivers quick and precise crane movements, allowing you to carry out the most complex types of work. The advanced functions assist the operator in the safest and fastest way, working in total synergy among the operator and the crane.

  • CE marked
  • Remote controlled system
  • Advanced optional functions: SAF, LSS-V, LSS-H, CTC, SAM
  • Full set of safety sensors and features for highest level of protection


HiDuo control system is the best price-performance remote controlled system you can choose, assuring high levels of safety matched to many functions that make any job easy. You get the most out of the crane’s handling at an ideal purchasing and operating cost.

  • CE marked
  • Remote controlled system
  • Advanced optional functions: SAF, LSS-V, LSS-H

An unprecedented driving experience

When control means doing more business [VSL+]

Variable Stability Logic PLUS is one of the advanced features present in the HiPro control system capable of maximising the capacity by calculating the stability according to the position of the stabiliser legs and the total weight of the truck. By accounting for the true load, it can provide significantly more lifting capacity when it really matters.

Direct control driving feeling

Crane operators appreciate driving HIAB loader cranes for the direct response they get from the machine by operating it through its advanced control systems, allowing you to achieve having control over what needs to be moved around. This increases both safety and allows to get the job done without damages or losing time.

Precision & smoothness

Imagine having to place that glass plate or while operating at high distances, the pressure on the levers of the remote control and the possibility to move the crane just as needed is key to assuring a job well done. The intelligence of logic is what assists the operators in these delicate working moments.

HIAB manual controlled systems

Reliable and durable, HIAB manual control systems are easy to learn and operate, while ensuring a high degree of safety, for example with the Cross control function detecting on which side of the truck the operator is working from. They give you solid all-round performance for a very reasonable investment; and for a selection of them, with the possibility to upgrade over time, should your business require it.

Discover how Duo, CLX and CL cranes can be a reliable working partner.

When basic means business

The possibility to choose a manual operated crane is essential when seeking for a good reliable and straightforward equipment, but still wanting to access the HIAB world of products. The simplicity of the system is equally key to those loading and lifting needs that don’t require excessive electronics managing the crane, and that demand less interventions or assistance for special or rough working environments.


The manually driven advanced Duo control system gives you a wide range of options, making safety and practicality the heart of what it can offer for doing an easy job. Top functions at a reasonable price point for this HIAB range of loader cranes.

  • CE marked
  • Manual controlled system
  • Safety features such as OLP and Cross control
  • Functions available such as ADC and ADO


These models represent the ‘mainstream’ workhorse of loader cranes, and are one of the best non CE manual controlled systems that can be found on the market. Clever solutions like the sequence of levers that are found on both sides of the truck, lets you operate from either side for the best safety and efficiency.

  • For non CE markets
  • CE marked variants available for selected light range cranes
  • Manual controlled system (optional remote control)
  • Safety features such as Cross control and load holding valves


The best way to access the HIAB world with the most basic crane models in the range. They are made for lifting without adding excessive frills that add costs when not required.

  • For non CE markets
  • Manual controlled system