Features that elevate your business

MULTILIFT takes innovation, safety and productivity seriously. Equipment design is based on heavy duty use, so the more you work, the more your investment pays off.

  • SAVE TIME - with fast performance functions that significantly free up work time
  • SAVE MONEY - use less fuel by running your truck engine less for the same amount of work
  • SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT - lower emissions during active operation by up to 25%
  • SAVE YOUR EARS - smart design generates less noise during operation

Performance boosters

Boost hooklift operations with optional functions including weighing systems to maximise payload and speed enhancing technology designed to optimise business operations.

Advance value

Solid construction with reliable materials and always original parts means your investment will last longer, be safer and carry more for added value.

Safety first

Safety is never compromised with including industry leading digital tools always consider the driver, people around the machine and the goods handled.

Performance boosters

Accelerating hooklift operations is easy with the Performance Package. Stacked with optional functions designed to fit your business and boost performance and efficiency.

Increase speed

Fast Performance™ delivers efficiencies with faster lowering, tipping and speed functions to improve daily productivity.

Go to the max

MaxPerformance™ puts you in a league above. Tailor-made for ultimate performance and loaded with built-in capabilities that maximise overall performance.

Advance value

Get more from your investment for longer with features that optimise efficiency for every load, day in and day out.

Rust resistance

CorrosionResistant™ technology uses a high quality zinc based primer to create long lasting corrosion resistance.

Cost efficiency

ValueBuy™ delivers an attractive cost benefit ratio. Every detail of the MULTILIFT is set at the highest performance standards, streamlined with the exact functions needed for all loading tasks.

Improved payload
EvoLight™ construction allows for more payload on all MULTILIFT hooklifts and skiploaders. A high strength/low weight ratio means more on a load and during transporting while still saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.
Control freedom
FlexControl™ lets you tailor your MULTILIFT with control options that are outside, in-cab, radio remote controls, or a customised combination.

Safety first

Optimised safety is a business essential to protect both operators and the external working environment. Safety features are designed with practical operating needs in mind.

Protect hearing

Quiet Performance™ uses friction relief technology that lifts the front of the body and eliminates vibration and noise, protecting the ears from dangerous loud noises.

Leave no bin behind

PowerReserve™ is back-up when the going gets tough. Real-world conditions can add extra strain, demanding more power at certain angles or in crucial moments and PowerReserve™ kicks in with extra boost for smooth, safe lifting.

Safety boost
SafetyPlus™ improves safety for the operator and the surrounding environment by using cutting-edge innovations to help eliminate risks.
Cover securely
SkipTop™ covers any skiploader fast and securely at the touch of a button. An automatic, fast and safe to cover, eliminating the need to climb up and wrestle with covers and ropes, saving time and physical strain while also setting higher on-road safety standards.