Hiab original slide pads for cranes

Make smoother, smarter moves

The best equipment deserves the best care. When you choose Hiab original slide pads, you can be confident that they will fit right first time and last longer even under the toughest conditions.

Choosing Hiab slide pads for your HIAB loader crane, MULTILIFT hooklift or LOGLIFT forestry crane is the best way to protect your investment, maintain performance and prolong your equipment’s lifespan.

Slide pads help to ensure precise, controlled lifting operations and prevent damage to structural components from metal-on-metal contact. Our high-quality original slide pads withstand extensive usage and ensure smooth movement during loading and unloading.

Five reasons to choose Hiab original slide pads
  • Manufactured in an advanced, oil-filled, nylon material for reduced friction and wear rates
  • Available in a cost-effective kit including all necessary parts
  • Excellent performance under the high pressures and low speeds typical in loading and unloading
  • Resistant to chemicals, alkalis, dilute acids and oxidising agents
  • High tensile strength and high impact resistance.

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hiab slide pad service kit