HiSkill crane operator training simulator

Upskill your operators


There’s a time and a place for mistakes

The more mistakes that happen in the HiSkill crane operator training simulator, the less happen out there. HiSkill helps our customers onboard and provide ongoing training to crane operators in a safe, scalable and cost-effective way. The combination of virtual reality with actual equipment has many benefits. 


Maximise safety, minimise damage

Effective ongoing crane operator training leads to safer operations, improved operator performance, and less costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Cut training costs and emissions

Operator training costs are reduced by up to 50%. No travel or fuel costs. You can use your equipment to make money, not for training.


Best way to onboard and upskill operators

Operator certification test pass rates increase thanks to repetitive training, and operators quickly learn to handle even the most challenging situations when they can train anytime, anywhere.


Best of both worlds: Virtual reality and real equipment

Crane operation requires a combination of technical knowledge, physical ability and situational awareness. HiSkill helps develop all three. Virtual reality makes it the safest environment to learn. Using a real controller makes the transition to real operation easy and smooth.

Train anywhere, anytime

HiSkill is a SaaS solution tailored for repetitive training. With a yearly subscription fee per operator and a lightweight and easy-to-transport simulator kit, HiSkill enables flexible and convenient crane operator training sessions anytime, anywhere.


Improved operator pass rates

HiSkill offers virtual access to the articulated boom crane and articulated boom loader US National Commission for the Certification of Cranes Operators (NCCCO) practical exam, allowing operators to practise repeatedly, anytime and anywhere. Our customer studies have shown an impressive increase in the first-time exam pass rate, from 45% to 95%.