How can HiPerform smart solutions improve your productivity?


Smarter decisions, better business and lower equipment total cost of ownership

Manage your load handling  fleet smarter with data-based decisions. Let us take care of your equipment with proactive service, and train crane operators easily and cost-efficiently. Let Hiab HiPerform smart solutions take a load off your balance sheet and your mind.


Knowing beats guessing

When you get a clear overview of what your equipment is doing in near real time, you can make data-driven decisions that improve operator, equipment and fleet productivity. Through a user-friendly web portal, Hiab HiConnect offers you actionable insights and automatic weekly reports. It reduces guessing and increases your ability to make the right decisions in an ever changing reality. As you use HiConnect over time, data is accumulated, which increases the value of the insights.

Pay the same, get more

A subscription model with fixed monthly fees makes smart solutions like HiConnect a low risk investment, with future updates added at no additional cost. HiConnect just keeps getting better. You can also combine various smart solutions from the HiPerform suite to unlock special discounts and reap greater benefits.


Take a load off your balance sheet with proactive maintenance

Hiab ProCare handles maintenance planning and execution for you. It offers cost predictability and maximises lifecycle value while minimising unplanned downtime, total cost of ownership and worries. You also save money and time by not having to source services and parts.

In an uncertain world,
reliability is key

With ProCare, you can choose a customised service package that fits your needs and equipment:

ProCare Extended Warranty
ProCare Essential
ProCare Total R&M

Whatever the package,
ProCare always offers:

  • Maximised uptime with equipment specific maintenance plans
  • Predictable costs
  • Professional technicians and Hiab original spare parts
  • Protect your investment with documented service history
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and increased resale value.

Choose the package that fits your needs


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Discounts on top of your savings

ProCare customers benefit from discounts on Hiab original spare parts and labour costs for work such as repairs and corrective maintenance.


All the skilled operators you need

Hiab HiSkill simulator training improves crane operator performance and prevents misuse and costly mistakes. The combination of virtual reality and real equipment enables training anytime and anywhere. Your equipment will be used to make money and not tied up in training.

Cut training costs by up to 50%

HiSkill is a SaaS solution tailored for repetitive training. With a yearly subscription fee per crane operator and a lightweight and easy-to-transport simulator kit, HiSkill enables flexible and convenient crane operator training sessions, with costs reduced by up to 50%.


Your data is safe with us

We understand the importance of privacy, and spare no effort in protecting your data, nor will we ever sell it onwards. Read more in our Data Manifesto.