Features and Functions


Supports sustainability

There is an increasing need to turn waste into useful, sustainable resources which is driving demands on those who work in the recycling business. Regardless of the material you work with, the solutions you use must stand up to intense load cycles each and every day.

JONSERED understands those demands which is why our cranes are equipped with standard and optional features that provide the speed, durability and efficiency required to get the job done.



Durability for a tough business

Working with recyclables is tough work with long days and intense load cycles. The equipment you use needs to be able to take on the hardest challenges, without ever letting you down. JONSERED recycling cranes are designed and built with durability in mind to support heavy duty operations. Unique features specifically designed with recycling in mind will optimise your business day after day, year after year.


Putting safety first

Safety is the number-one priority in a LOGLIFT crane. It begins with the high seat, accessed by wide ladders and well-placed handrails. SafetyPlus™ gives you a load indicator, high-boom warning system, cylinder pressure indicator, and outrigger sensors. The optional slope indicator sets the crane to idle if the permitted tilt angle is exceeded.


Superior safety, comfort, and visibility

From top to bottom, every bit of the Hi-Cab™ cabin is designed and built to the highest standards. Enhanced in 125 dimensions, Hi-Cab™ is built to perform with benefits now and over the long haul. Benefit from Hi-Vis™ windows, high-performance air-conditioning, low-maintenance stainless steel construction, OPS-approved door, advanced ergonomics, and much more.




Increased safety and productivity

Innovative Hi-Vis™ panoramic windows in the Hi-Cab™ increase safety and productivity with the industry’s highest visibility factor for great all-round visibility from the cabin. With Hi-Vis™ factor five, you have five times more window than wall.




Positively impacting your business operating costs

Together with unmatched reliability and performance, investing in a forestry crane also brings you the support

At HIAB we make a personal commitment to enhance and optimize the efficiency during all the cycles related to your activity. Technology innovations are essential in making work life easier and more efficient, and for that reason we are able to offer a wide range of loader cranes that match or exceed your daily work needs.

At the heart of the crane is the control system, the different types we offer are capable of delivering what you need. From the more complex and advanced HiPro to the more straightforward basic versions there is always one that is perfect for you and your business.
HIAB loader crane’s advanced control systems are packed with functions that assist and guide the crane’s driver, both for the more complex jobs, or for those that are highly repetitive.

That's how we keep your business up and running at its best.



Work efficiently, increase payload and save fuel

HiVision™ is a new way of operating forestry cranes, using camera-based 3D vision technology. With the camera-based 3D you operate your crane as you’ve always done, using the controls you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. The only difference is that you see the work area in special 3D goggles.




Quick accurate loading

A quick and easy to mount wireless scale accurately weighs all loads in any weather conditions allowing for maximum weight without crossing allowed limits, eliminating unnecessary trips and increasing your productivity. The logic display shows excellent data that can be used to work at optimum levels and lower the risk of system damage and failure.



Smooth and easy operation

Hydraulic pilot control (HPC) is an optional control system that gives the operator full control for smooth and easy operation. Both control options, conventional or joystick, provide a feather-touch response.



It simply has to work

Forestry can be a solitary business. Out on your own, you have to depend on your equipment. LOGLIFT cranes are built to last, with tough construction and smart systems that protect their components. Plus, service and maintenance are made easy, with anything requiring attention within convenient reach. Between the robust construction and the high serviceability, they retain their worth and provide a consistently high resale value. 


Easy access, comfortable and ergonomic

Comfort is a priority when you work outdoors, especially in extreme conditions. A premium top seat is comfortable, ergonomic and easy to access. The seat can be adjusted up, down, forwards and backwards to the ideal working position. A premium top seat can also be heated or equipped with a protective hood that folds out from behind the head position.


Built for the road

How the crane behaves both on and off the road makes a big difference to getting the job done quickly. LOGLIFT forestry cranes connect to the truck chassis with a three-point bridge which minimises the impact on driving characteristics delivering a smooth and pleasant driving experience.


Guard against blowouts and sticking

Protecting hoses on any crane is important, but especially in the harsh environment of log handling. Hose Protection Link (HPL) gives extra protection against accidental impacts - from crane tip to rotator. The system includes the rotator and hanger to provide a complete and integrated solution.