HIAB X-HiPro 192

Loader Cranes

Your state-of-the-art HIAB.
A CE marked remotely controlled 19 tm crane.
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Time is money. Bristling with innovative features, the HIAB X-HiPro 192 delivers unrivalled performance, speed and precision, allowing you to focus on getting the job done and making more profit. The state-of-the-art model on the market.

Standard & Optional features

Model specifications

Control System
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (M)
Lifting Capacity (kNm)
Manual Extension Outreach (M)
Weight (Kg)
X-HIPRO 192 E-2X-HIPRO 192 E-3X-HIPRO 192 E-3X-HIPRO 192 E-3 Jib 45X-2X-HIPRO 192 E-3 Jib 45X-3X-HIPRO 192 E-4X-HIPRO 192 E-4 Jib 45X-2X-HIPRO 192 E-4 Jib 45X-3X-HIPRO 192 E-5 X-HIPRO 192 E-5 Jib 45X-2X-HIPRO 192 E-6 X-HIPRO 192 ES-2X-HIPRO 192 ES-3X-HIPRO 192 ES-3X-HIPRO 192 ES-3 Jib 45X-3X-HIPRO 192 ES-4X-HIPRO 192 ES-5X-HIPRO 192 ES-6

Load diagrams

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X-HIPRO 192 E-4
X-HIPRO 192 E-4 JIB 45X-3
X-HIPRO 192 E-4 JIB 45X-2
X-HIPRO 192 ES-5
X-HIPRO 192 ES-2
X-HIPRO 192 E-5 JIB 45X-2
X-HIPRO 192 E-3 JIB 45X-3
X-HIPRO 192 E-3 JIB 45X-2
X-HIPRO 192 ES-4
X-HIPRO 192 E-6
X-HIPRO 192 ES-6
X-HIPRO 192 ES-3
X-HIPRO 192 E-2
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Load Stabilising System Of Horisontal Movements

A new series of loader cranes enters the market

Remote Controlled Stabilisers

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