Always the bright choice. A manually controlled 19,7 tm mid-range crane.
When you choose the HIAB X-Duo 218, you are investing in a reliable workhorse built for lasting versatility. With a full outreach of 12.6 metres, it weighs just 2260 kg and can deliver unexpectedly heavy loads thanks to its high-tensile steel construction. HIAB Duo manual control increases safety with its built-in intelligence system, and the high-tech nDurance finish protects steel parts from the elements for performance that stays with you over the long haul.

X-DUO 218 B-1X-DUO 218 B-2X-DUO 218 B-3X-DUO 218 B-4X-DUO 218 BS-1X-DUO 218 BS-2X-DUO 218 BS-3X-DUO 218 BS-4X-DUO 218 E-2X-DUO 218 E-3X-DUO 218 E-4X-DUO 218 ES-2X-DUO 218 ES-3X-DUO 218 ES-4

X-DUO 218 BS-1
X-DUO 218 ES-4
X-DUO 218 B-1
X-DUO 218 B-2
X-DUO 218 B-3
X-DUO 218 B-4
X-DUO 218 E-4
X-DUO 218 E-1
X-DUO 218 BS-4
X-DUO 218 ES-3
X-DUO 218 BS-3
X-DUO 218 ES-1
X-DUO 218 BS-2
X-DUO 218 ES-2
X-DUO 218 E-2
X-DUO 218 E-3
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nDurance Video

HIAB nDurance protects the crane from the elements with the best in surface protection. Technologically advanced and environmentally sound, this high-tech painting system first shields the crane’s parts with an ultra-thin nanoceramic layer that prevents corrosion. Afterwards they receive a lacquer polymer e-coating and a durable powder coating, creating stunning good looks that will last the crane’s lifetime