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The easier way. A CE marked remotely controlled 1,2 tm crane.
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Forget about waiting for forklift trucks. When you need that extra little bit of power, the HIAB T-HiDuo 013 has what it takes to deliver the goods. The HIAB T-HiDuo 013 is ready for action, with more than enough power to meet the demands of most light truck operations. Yet it has a low and compact profile that fits comfortably under a pick-up cover.

Standard & Optional features

Model specifications

Control System
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (M)
Lifting Capacity (kNm)
Manual Extension Outreach (M)
Weight (Kg)
T-HiDuo 013-1T-HiDuo 013-2T-HiDuo 013-3

Load diagrams

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T-HIDUO 013 B-3
T-HIDUO 013 B-1
T-HIDUO 013 B-2
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T-crane Video

HIAB T-Duo vs T-HiDuo

When you do a job, you want it done your way, not the hard way. With a crane from the HIAB T-series light range, you can make easy work of your heavy lifting.

nDurance Video

HIAB nDurance protects the crane from the elements with the best in surface protection. Technologically advanced and environmentally sound, this high-tech painting system first shields the crane’s parts with an ultra-thin nanoceramic layer that prevents corrosion. Afterwards they receive a lacquer polymer e-coating and a durable powder coating, creating stunning good looks that will last the crane’s lifetime

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