HIAB iQ.1388 HiPro

Loader Cranes

135tm range - Structural strength designed by EFFER combined with the group’s most advanced and future-forward SPACevo system.
The HIAB iQ.1388 HiPro brings heavy lifting to a new level, enabling customers to operate a crane that is the engineering result of two companies that have a strong tradition in terms of know-how and experience in designing loader cranes: from the control, system to one of the most performing mechanical structures.

This crane sets the standards for vertical lifting capabilities, making it a more flexible and efficient alternative to bigger and heavier cranes, but with similar performances.

Standard & Optional features

Model specifications

Lifting Capacity (kNm)
Weight (Kg)
Slewing arc
Maximum working slope
Max. oil delivery
Oil tank capacity
HIAB iQ.1388 HiPro E-8HIAB iQ.1388 HiPro E-9

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E-9 JIB.260D-6
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