Powerful foldable Z-model crane designed for light trucks. Capacity of 8.0 tm.
The LOGLIFT 82Z is designed for light trucks. This powerful crane has a long reach, and its ergonomics match that of large cranes. If necessary, it can also be equipped with a telescopic boom. When you need a crane that conserves cargo space and loads cut-to-length timber quickly and accurately, the LOGLIFT F82Z is in a class of its own.

F82Z 72F82Z 84

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nDurance Video

HIAB nDurance protects the crane from the elements with the best in surface protection. Technologically advanced and environmentally sound, this high-tech painting system first shields the crane’s parts with an ultra-thin nanoceramic layer that prevents corrosion. Afterwards they receive a lacquer polymer e-coating and a durable powder coating, creating stunning good looks that will last the crane’s lifetime

Accessory Block LOGLIFT 82Z

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