Meet Toshiya Suzuki, Sales

Career | 24 august 2021 8:26 AM

Toshiya joined Hiab in 2011 after working in various industries as a manager, as well as a managing director. Before entering Hiab he had worked in several sales, marketing and management roles for different companies not only in Japan but also in Australia. Currently Toshiya is working as the Director of Sales and Services in Japan, which means that he is responsible for the Front Line Unit. Besides being in charge of the sales, order intakes and operating profit for Hiab in Japan, Toshiya is also responsible for the Kalmar business in Japan. There are various reasons for why Toshiya decided to join Hiab (Cargotec Japan):

“I’m really keen on self-development. I would like to grow not only myself but to work as a team to grow the company we work for. I also wanted to take part in helping the business entity for Hiab Japan to grow. By producing and supplying innovative and sophisticated products, we can make the customers' lives easier and more efficient.”  

Toshiya has enjoyed his time at Hiab and is very proud of both Hiab’s and Kalmar’s business growth in Japan. He is passionate about finding solutions to customer problems and making the customers happy. Communication is also one of the things Toshiya likes. He really enjoys networking and having good relationships with customers, dealers and his colleagues.

Toshiya describes Hiab as an open and transparent company. He enjoys the networking possibilities and meeting new people within the company. His motto and advice towards others who have an interest in applying for a similar role is:

Keep doing a continuous effort, keep up the good networking, be curious and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.”