Meet Sarah Grogan, Project Management

Career | 13 september 2021 7:40 AM

Sarah is working as a Senior Project Manager and has been working at Hiab for over 13 years. Until May 2021 she was working in engineering for the Truck Mounted Forklift division. She decided to move into project management as in her previous role as a R&D Manager she ran a lot of projects and although she enjoyed the technical side, she felt project management was one of her strengths. 

“I felt it was a better fit for me and I am very lucky that this position became available so that I could stay within the company. That shows that there is lots of scope for personal development within Hiab, which is great.”

Sarah is passionate about sustainability and innovation and is currently working on a climate project with the aim of reducing carbon emissions at Hiab. 

“I've made a lot of changes in my own life to be more sustainable but now to be able to do it within my professional life is great because you can have a really big impact. I’m also passionate about innovation. When I left the Truck Mounted Forklift divison we were working on a new electric product. Being part of a team that is an industry leader provides great opportunities to work on something really innovative that doesn’t exist at the moment. Despite moving away from an engineering role, I still feel quite strongly about girls and women in engineering roles so that’s also one thing I would like to promote.”

According to Sarah, the best things about working at Hiab is the diversity and getting the opportunity to speak and work with people from different backgrounds having different perspectives on things. She also enjoys the fact that there are a lot of development opportunities and possibilities to progress within the company.

Sarah is excited about exploring her new role further and hopes to get more opportunities to work on projects where  she can make a real impact on environmental issues.